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pureWash Pre-Filter (Housing and Cartridge)
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This product includes the housing, bracket, hose and a single CAG/KDF filter. The KDF Process Media are high-purity, granulated copper and zinc-based alloys that filter water through a process based upon the principle of redox (Oxidation-Reduction). Originally, KDF was shorthand for Kinetic Degradation Fluxion. We can explain redox like this: KDF Fluid Treatment’s unique combination of copper and zinc creates an electro-chemical reaction. During this reaction, electrons are transferred between...

pureWash Pro by GreenTech
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Amazingly Clean Clothes with Only a Fraction of the DetergentGet your laundry clean without expensive, harsh chemicals by using pureWash Pro by GreenTech. It uses one of nature's most powerful cleaners to save you money and ensure you never have to buy laundry detergent again. The technology behind the pureWash by GreenTech was developed for hospitals over 20 years ago because laundry detergents were causing so many problems for them. Laundry Detergents were promoting germs, leaving behind...