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Price: $1,299.00


    - Trademarked MCI™ (Multi-cluster Ionization) Technology Customizable Probe for 24K ft³

    - Covers/Cleans Residential, Commercial and Industrial Containment Environments with Proactive Technology

    - Helps Keep Containment Free from Contaminants (increasing oxidizers may be needed for harsh environments)

    • Reduces VOCs, mVOCs, Odor, Bacteria, Viruses, Mold and Particulates
    • Completely Safe for Humans and Animals (see hospital testing data)
    • Speeds the air scrubbing process by ionizing particles in containment to make them larger, easier to filter

    - Reduces Maintenance of AFD (Air Filtration Device) filters. For indoor use only.

    • Reduces bio-nesting, eliminates/reduces mold, bacteria and the odors associated with them
    • 12V unit provides a quiet operation and energy efficiency in the air scrubbing process
    • Because some contaminants are oxidized, it may provide less frequent HEPA filter changes for AFD

    - Easier Maintenance (25,000 hr. Lamp and Dielectric Barrier Ionization Cells) because there is a recommended one year lamp replacement even under heavy usage conditions. Cells may last longer with less use.

    - Attacks Pollutants in the Air and on Surfaces to enhanced cleaning of the containment area

    - PRV (Post Remediation Verification) is enhanced and sped up by this additional process of purification

    - Easy to roll wheels and carrying handles are affixed to the lightweight galvanized, insulated box.


    - 12v Conversion for International Use using 13.3 Watts (ETF Approved w/UL approved power supply)

    - Utilizes hydroxals by low ozone producing PCO (photo-catalytic oxidation) cell and patented DBI (dielectric barrier ionization) cell.

    - Size of box is 16”x18”x20” or 406.4mmx457.2mmx508.06mm Shipping weight: 8.2lbs or 3.62kg