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pureAir 1500 by GreenTech Environmental is the solution for improving indoor air quality in areas of your home or office up to 1500 ft2. Using PCO Technology and three other advanced technologies (active purification rather than passive filtration based ), pureAir 1500 helps to eliminate odors, smoke, pollen, dust, bacteria, mold, pet dander, viruses, and much more. Noticeable pollution is eliminated in as little as 15 minutes, and the most difficult pollution in as few as 24 hours.

Price: $399.00


    Product Dimensions

    6.5"W x 6.5" H x 7" D

    Main Features

    • Ball bearing brushless ultra quiet motor with three fan speeds

    • Exclusive Photo Catalytic Oxidation technology

    • Needlepoint ion generation

    • Washable rear filters

    • Adjustable purifier control - 250 to 1500 square feet

    • Away Mode timer for high purification levels in unoccupied spaces

    • Full function remote control

    • Low energy consumption

    • Universal AC/DC power supply

    • Replaceable PCO Cell and Purification Plate

    • Eliminates Smoke & Odors - Doesn't Cover Them Up

    • Significantly Reduces Mold, Bacteria, & Viruses


    1 Year Limited Warranty


    Ozone Output: 250mg/hr (in Away Mode)

    Technologies Needlepoint Ionization Scalable Ozone Generation PCO Technology (UV-C, Titanium Dioxide)

    Electrical: 100V-240V/50-60Hz 30W Operational anywhere in the world

    Ozone Density: <0.04mg/m³ (high mode), 1.5mg/m³ (away mode)

    Ion Generation: 1 million/cm³ at 1m Coverage: Up to 1500ft²

    Electrical Certifications

    UL (US & Canada) CE PSE TUV EK (Korean)

    RoHS Compliant Packaging

    Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:
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    2 years later - still going strong!

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    After speaking with Madeline about eliminating odors and VOCs from our house, we settled on the GT1500. We have used the unit for close to two years now and can't imagine life without it. It really tackles odors, even from our dogs. This purifier was beyond valuable when we purchased a large area rug for our playroom and noticed after we brought it home that it was off-gassing. We turned up the purifier for a couple days and it completely eliminated the off-gassing odor. What a relief to think that our children were not exposed to those VOCs for weeks as the rug slowly off-gassed. We keep it running on low all the time to help maintain clean indoor air. The remote is a great feature as well.